Reading facilities are available in the Library. The library provides spacious and conducive environment for reading.It can accommodate up to 329 users. Electric socket and network point is provided at certain area.Users are advised to leave library books on trolleys after usage. Please do not attempt to shelve these books. Shelving items in the wrong places will result in serious retrieval problems.

This service is a great way to allows you to checkout books (provided the book is not on hold for another patron) at the same time. The self-check machine has a large monitor (touch screen) that easily and quickly takes you through the checkout process and users must keep the receipt for further reference.


Access to the PTAR PUNCAK PERDANA Wireless Network

As network grows and there are increasing of demand to network mobility, PTAR PUNCAK PERDANA takes the initiative to accommodate UiTM users with wireless network infrastructure.

PTAR PUNCAK PERDANA will continue proactively in giving better and continues wireless service and wider coverage to our valued users in UiTM PUNCAK PERDANA.

For more information about PTAR PUNCAK PERDANA Wireless Network please refer to the staff at the counter

Library provide access to ‘internet without wire” or Wi-Fi to users who use laptop or tools which able to access the Wi-Fi signal.

Library OPAC allows you to:

  1. Search for all types of items in the library collections
  2. View/renew items checked out by you, status of your account, cancelled your holds by using my Account.

The IT Center is equipped with 39 computers that offer a wide variety of software programs. All PCs are connected to the university network and can be access by the library users.Open seven days in a week while classes are in session according to Library opening hours.